Friday, September 9, 2011

Craft Room

This will be my hopefully, not-too-distant, future craft room layout. As best as I can get it at least. I'm hoping to pick up the L-shaped desk at a home re-store ($25) this weekend, as well as the beefy bookshelf ($110) from a book store that is closing out. Then all I need are my Flor tile rug (pinned), comfy reading chair and desk chair and it will be complete. I've already picked out the art I want for the walls and pinned them on Pinterest as well as my inspiration wall hanging quilt my mom made (note to self - take a better photo in the sun of the quilt to really capture the true colors).

The closet will have two 24" ClosetMaid organizers in the middle with drawers and shelves to organize all of our crafty things and my sewing machine will go on the big L-shaped desk. It will finally have a home! I'm getting excited to have a room done that doesn't belong to one of my daughters.