Friday, January 20, 2012

Long overdue

Here are the desk photos after I refinished the drawer fronts, replaced the drawer hardware, and spray painted the metal bands on the legs.

I left a lot of the dings and scratches on the legs and desk top to keep the character, but there were some pretty severe gouges in the drawer fronts that had to be corrected. My husband sanded them down and I used a gel gloss stain to make them pretty again. We had to modify the holes for the drawer hardware because they just don't make that size anymore. Good thing the new pulls cover the original hole. I'm very happy with how much work space I have now. The chair pictured was temporary. I now have a comfy, rolling chair for working in the room. It has an adjustable height so I can lower it when sewing and raise it when crafting.

I still need to address the back panels on the bookshelf, get a reading chair for the corner and a rug for that side of the room. I'm still leaning towards Flor tiles, but there are so many good options it is hard to choose. After all that I'll need to get fancy with some photography projects for art. I'll also need to fabricate a cork board and I'm thinking a white board that is a mirror/picture frame as well.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Not really for me, but for my precious princess, anything

Over on they are giving away 4 tickets to see Disney on Ice with the PRINCESSES! That last word deserves the capitalization. This blog is usually more about what I'm doing for me and the things I like, but my life wouldn't be what it is without my two princesses. One of them absolutely adored seeing Toy Story on ice and would go bonkers to see the princesses. If you have a little prince or princess in your life that would like this as well head on over and enter to win. It ends today, so hurry!

Here's a link to help you on your way: