Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brainstorming for the craft room

So, I have this bookshelf from the closed out Borders store, my inspiration quilt, and my rug picked out. My idea is to paint the back of the bookshelf because it is this unattractive thick, shiny cardboard/composite board looking material. Now, I have this image in my head of graduated paint colors of the purple from the quilt and the carpet. Is that too much purple? Would the graduation be too overbearing? I am so undecisive it's ridiculous. With the amount of pattern in the quilt and the rug I have decided I definitely don't want a patterned wallpaper or contact paper on the back of the shelves so paint will be it. Purple, graduated purple, some other color, or some other graduated color? Hhhmmm, I'll have to think this one out.

Also, stay tuned for some before pictures of my desk. I didn't snag the one from the local restore because someone else got there 2 hours before me. Stupid day job keeping me from my cheap furniture purchases. I still found a rough gem on Craigslist, though.