Sunday, June 30, 2013

Screen Porch Remodel - Drywall Day 2

After getting the ceiling up yesterday we set our sights on getting a couple walls dry walled. One wall got done when the weather ended up being beautiful and perfect for lawn care and gardening. Plus, we got a visit from the lawn care/garden fairy also known as Grandpa. The gardens were looking sad. The first two are what the big garden looked like before weeding.
This is how it looked after quite a bit of work from my husband and his father.
 The raised beds got some love with weed removal as well.

All that outdoor work didn't stop the indoor though because one wall got drywall.
The next day will hopefully bring drywall to the slider door wall. Then begins the Tetris cut work around the windows and new outside door. Should be interesting to see how it all pieces together.

Screen Porch Remodel - Long Time, No Update

It has been a very long time since I updated this blog on the progress on the screen porch. There wasn't a whole lot of change other than some wiring, insulation, and exterior lighting and caulking.

Here's where we ended up after some work here and there over the fall, winter, and spring. The wiring was run outside for the new exterior light. We also beefed up the number of outlets in the room by running some under the new windows.
Then we added installed insulation and pumped Great Stuff into the areas where insulation wouldn't fit. The wiring box for the ceiling was upgraded to handle a fan and light. You can see in the photo below where the insulation was removed to hopefully tie into the HVAC line in the ceiling, but we couldn't find any vent pieces that would tie into that line with such a small clearance. We gave up and decided to just leave it alone.
 You can barely see the new outlets peeking out from behind the mess and insulation.

 More outlets under the windows.
It is definitely a mess in progress.
That brings us to yesterday where work began again since the biking season for Ohio Randos has slowed down a bit. Walls were measured, calculations were made, and drywall was purchased. It was a hot, muggy day, but that didn't slow down the dry-walling machine that is my husband. We even had some "help" from the little girls at times. The ceiling panels were all cut and mounted successfully. Dyrwall - Day One is Complete.

Let's look back at that to-do list shall we?
  • Tear out the existing screening, door, and framing
  • Remove the ratty, green, plastic carpet
  • Remove the siding that is inside the screened porch
  • Frame out the new walls with 2x6 wood so we can pack in more insulation (plus the corner beam is a 6x6 so we thought it would be better to have the wall depth match and cover the beam)
  • Install HUGE new windows (which will have a nice deep sill on the inside thanks to the 2x6 framing) and a new glass door that is bigger than the teeny tiny one we have now
  • Install siding on the outside that matches our current siding (Although, we have discussed changing out all the siding for something with more interest. We're tired of beige and white houses. That is further in the future though.)
  • Tear-out of the old plywood inside the room - nope, just going to drywall right over it
  • Additional tear out of the ceiling "siding" and all the exterior trim that can be removed
  • Run new outlets and wiring for the room since it was a screened porch and currently has one outdoor outlet
  • Move the exterior light next to the slider outside to the deck - Um, yeah. The husband kind of gave away our old light so we'll be shopping for a new one
  • Reinsulate the walls and ceiling - this will only be insulate the new walls because the original walls do have insulation
  • Drywall (in progress)
  • Paint - there have been suggestions for painting it purple, but I'm thinking we may end up boring and pick a white with a warm tint.
  • Install electric underfloor heating - decided to tie into the heat duct that runs up to our youngest daughter's room - Doesn't appear to be an option now and we have decided to skip adding any heating and possibly putting a small space heater or electric baseboard one in if we find that the room gets too cold for use in the winter.
  • Find some kind of flooring that we can agree with (husband wants tile, I want cork) - After researching over the winter and gaining more flooring knowledge we are agreeing on cork now and will be installing the flooring ourselves for the first time ever.
  • Install a ceiling fan to keep the room cool during the warm months since there isn't any HVAC ducting to it - we'll still install a fan to keep it comfortable when the windows are open
  • Figure out some kind of table and seating arrangement (banquette, benches, round table with chairs, etc.)
  • Decorate