Sunday, June 30, 2013

Screen Porch Remodel - Drywall Day 2

After getting the ceiling up yesterday we set our sights on getting a couple walls dry walled. One wall got done when the weather ended up being beautiful and perfect for lawn care and gardening. Plus, we got a visit from the lawn care/garden fairy also known as Grandpa. The gardens were looking sad. The first two are what the big garden looked like before weeding.
This is how it looked after quite a bit of work from my husband and his father.
 The raised beds got some love with weed removal as well.

All that outdoor work didn't stop the indoor though because one wall got drywall.
The next day will hopefully bring drywall to the slider door wall. Then begins the Tetris cut work around the windows and new outside door. Should be interesting to see how it all pieces together.

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