Sunday, September 30, 2012

Screen Porch Remodel - Day 5 (It's the little things)

It doesn't look like a lot of change in the pictures, but there was a good bit of work done before and during day five. Here is the breakdown of the work completed before day five.
  • Taping completed on the windows and door
  • Door painted to match the siding
  • Door hardware installation started (one strikeplate needs replaced and everything needs locktight)
Day five brought out our worker Jons in addition to a bonus worker grandpa who stopped by to add color commentary. They cut, fit, and attached all the J channel around the windows and doors. They also planned out the siding attachment strategy with a box for a future outdoor light fixture and trying to make the siding as seamless as possible with the existing house. It will be interesting to see how it all comes out on the next work day. Here are some pictures of the day.

 J channel application in process.

 Before the J channel...

 My Jon gives the other Jon an "adjustment".

 Precision cutting and fitting.

 Painted door with hardware.

 Completed day five work (can you even see the J channel?)

More practically invisible J channel and a lovely corner piece to clean up that messy Tyvek.

Day five is in the can and hopefully the next work day brings some siding into the picture. We need to get this house buttoned up before we get our first snow...usually in October. I kid you not.

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